Growing Love

Growing Love

I Like this song…bluesy. I’m bout to learn how to sing it.

One Of My Favorite Pictures

One Of My Favorite Pictures

So I’ve decided that from now on I shall do whatever I can not to fuck up in anyway in this relationship

Won’t be too clingy, won’t be too distant.


I need to tell her I Love her less often. Make the word mean more, even though I Love her so much that I could never tell her enough for her to understand the amount that I Love her.

I’m going to make sure I give her enough time to spend with her friends.

I think she may get somewhat tired of just seeing me all the time. I know she Loves me but I needa let her see her friends. I’m working on it.

Ima start making sure my wordplay is still up there. I ain’t tryna let my words work against me.

I need to let her miss me too.

Well I’m working on it!

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